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Epilator Reviews - Choosing The Best Epilator

Do you know what to look for in an epilator? With epilation technology improving every year knowing and understanding today's new features will help in selecting the best epilator for you!

epilator reviewsEpilator Reviews 2014
Silky smooth skin is an essential part of a vibrant, youthful and beautiful appearance. Millions of men and women, all over the globe, prefer to use an epilator over waxing or shaving for removing unwanted hair.

For women in particular, cosmetic hair removal is an essential part of their personal care routine with epilators providing a convenient and affordable way to do this at home.

The desire to remove hair from "unwanted" places is nothing new. For thousands of years women have used a variety of hair removal techniques in their quest for smoother skin. Ranging from sea shells to blades made from stone - hair removal has come a long way since the early days.

When choosing the right epilator for you, you'll want to look at the most advanced lines within your price range. With recent improvements in design and engineering, epilating has become less painful, more convenient and compact. They are available in wet and dry, cordless, battery operated and corded designs.

Fortunately, with today's more advanced methods hair removal is less painful and much easier to achieve. Of course, not all epilation appliances are created equal. The epilator reviews found on this site are designed to help you find the best epilator for you at the best possible price.

Looking For The Best Epilator?

 Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator
braun silk epil 7The Braun Silk Epil series has become a leader in epilation technology with its impressive features and easy functionality. The "SmartLight" acts like a little spot-light on even the finest hairs by illuminating the surrounding skin so you can easily see which hairs have been missed. This model helps reduce the pain of epilating with its new "active massage rollers" that stimulate the skin (much like a TENNS Unit) with rapid, high frequency pulsations to the area being epilated.

Another feature I love about this epilator is that it's a wet/dry model. You can use it on dry skin or in the shower, it's up to you. Braun's close-grip 40 tweezers with it's rotational pivoting head allow this model to hug the skin really well. In fact, Braun's engineers have called the Silk Epil their most effeective epilator for short hair removal to date making it one of the best epilators I've found under $100.00.

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Emjoi Tweeze - Emjoi Emagine Epilator
emjoi emagineThe Emjoi Emagine is so popular with users that it has a nick name - "The Emjoi Tweeze"! Most products are lucky to get 100 favorable reviews on Amazon, let alone over 490 positive testimonials from happy customers. With the Emjoi Emagine patented "glide technology" the hairs are actually pushed upwards from the skin allowing the tweezers to better grasp the hair by the root.

Not only that, but with alternating discs the surface area of the skin is "tweezed" in a staggered rotation with each pass causing the skin to be streteched tight forcing the hairs to pop up straight. By stretching the skin more hairs can be removed in a single pass. Less time = less pain. Quite innovative I must say... and for under $100 is a real bargain.

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 Braun 7681 Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Pro
braun 7681The Braun 7681 is considered one of the best epilators on the market today. With its superb and innovative engineering, this model was designed with one goal... to remove hair with less pain. It's no secret that epilating, especially for first time users can be quite uncomfortable, if not down-right painful.

The Braun 7681 is so gentle it can be used on more sensitive parts of the body due to its ability to hug tightly to the skin with each pass. In fact, this epilator can be used on the underarms, bikini area and even the face with less pain then other models. Wet or dry, it can be used in or out of the shower and is perfect for traveling, using dry with skin gel or for anyone new to epilating with sensitive skin.

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  Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe
philips satin perfectThe Satin Perfect is a cordless epilator with exceptional battery life as compared to other models. Most battery powered epilators only provide 20 to 25 minutes of epilation which in most cases is simply not enough time. The Satin Perfect provides up to 45 minutes of continuous use before having to be recharged - making it an ideal epilator when traveling.

Other impressive features include a removable, wide body head that pivots and contours to your body for greater efficiency, along with textured ceramic discs that catch smaller and finer hairs then smooth discs found in other models. Combine this with the built-in optical light and its "vibration hair lifting" technology and you can see why this model is one of the top rated and best selling epilators available.

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 Panasonic Epilator - Complete Ladies Set
panasonic complete ladies setWithout a doubt, the Panasonic Epilator is the most painless epilator I've ever used. Their patented "Skin Protector System" is a new technology that is exclusive to this model by holding the skin firmly in place while the sliding discs pull the hair by its roots. It's also a wet/dry model and is jam packed with a lot of features that provide a more gentle, comfortable epilation.

The Panasonic Complete Ladies Set has a dual disc, form-fitting head that glides back and forth across your skin. The spinner feature is great because it provides a spinning motion to lather and whip lubricating gel on dry skin allowing for an exteremely smooth epilation with very little pain. If you have overly sensitive skin or just don't do well with pain... this Panasonic Complete Ladies Set should be at the top of your list. 

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Epilator Reviews Guide

Essential Facts About Epilation And Hair Removal Techniques

epilating legEpilators are small, hand-held electrical appliances that remove hair by grasping several hairs at once and pulling them out by the root. This method for hair removal essentially works the same way that waxing does. When the liquified wax hardens on the skin it completely envelopes any surface hair and removes it by the root when the wax is pulled off. 

Additionally, waxing will also remove microscopic skin cells from the outer epidermis requiring an additional healing process that is less pronounced by epilation. Although the hair is pulled out by the root, the entire root is not removed from beneath the skin. This is why hair growth returns after four to six weeks - depending on your personal hair growth rate.

The first epilator designs used spring coils to grab and pull the hair. Introduced first by Epilady in the mid 1980's, the coiled spring would open and close as the internal motor rotated the spring. Folded in a bow shape, the flexing would open one side while tightening or closing the other side as it was passed over the skin. Surface hairs would get caught in the tightened coil and pulled out. The coiled spring design was effective but required periodic replacement of the springs due to the constant tension and stress when used. Springs were sold separately as a replacement part with this type of epilator.

The next generation of epilators improved upon this design by using rotating discs instead of springs. First developed by Remington, the "Lady Remington" worked similarly to the Epilady's coiled spring design except that discs were rotated to open and close instead of the spring. The rotating disc was preferred by many users because it was less painful (slightly) and was more efficient in the amount of hair removed per pass of the device.

Today's epilators have improved upon the rotating disc so that the discs function more as tweezers. When the device is placed over the skin, this new design allows for multiple metal plates to open and close much like a tweezer would. The tweezers close when in contact with the skin and then open when the head rotates allowing for continuos pulling and releasing of hair. This is much more efficient and allows the epilating process to be quicker and less painful. Most manufacturer's have moved to the tweezer style epilator with even more enhancements and features available today.


Benefits Of Using An Epilator

Epilators are electric devices designed to remove hair from the root. Even the best epilator is not pain-free - especially for first time users. The good news is that the discomfort lessens with each successive use of the device as hair regrowth is much finer and easier to remove. This is because hair that is pulled by the root slowly grows back thinner and softer then before. Although there are several other methods for hair removal, an epilator does have several advantages over waxing and shaving. I've listed below some of the advantages and benefits of using an epilator.

Cost: Purchasing an epilator is a one time expense at an affordable price. Low end units start at under $50.00 with top of the line epilators averaging around $130.00. Unlike razors, waxing, or salon visits there's nothing else to buy - which in and of itself is quite appealing to most people.

Longer lasting hair removal: Because epilators grip and pull the hair from the root regrowth is much slower when compared to shaving. Most users experience 3 to 6 weeks between sessions. But that's not all - over time hair regrowth diminishes substantially. The hair follicle is weakened every time it is pulled from the root resulting in slower regrowth and noticeably thinner, finer hair. Independent studies have shown that users who have been epilating for a few years experience much slower hair growth rates then when they first started.

Clean and easy: One of the best benefits of using an epilator is that the process is simple, easy to use and is not messy at all. No messy wax, gels or creams to worry about - unlike waxing or shaving epilating is a very clean method for removing unwanted hair. Perfect when traveling!

Perfect for using at home: Epilators allow you to remove hair in the comfort of your own home. No more trips to the salon or having to go buy other products - you can maintain silky, smooth skin conveniently at home. In fact, epilating gives much better results than waxing or shaving anyway.

Great for traveling: Epilators are small enough to be used anywhere, even when you're traveling. Lightweight and easy to carry epilators are perfect for beauty care while on the go.

Finer, slower regrowth: Compared to using a shaver, epilators remove the hair from the root causing slower regrowth and finer hairs. Razors cause hair to grow back faster, thicker and more coarse. Epilation reverses this problem and just gets better and better over time.



Best Epilator - Today's Leaders In Epilation Technology...

The brands I selected for my epilator reviews offer the latest advancements in engineering and design. The purpose of this site is to help you find the best epilator for you. From compact, cordless devices that fit easily into small travel bags, to the latest in wet-and-dry technology, to integrated "smart lights", the epilators that made my list are exceptional appliances at very affordable prices. Each model will give you professional results with discounted pricing available for most of the epilators when purchased through Amazon. Good luck and happy epilating!


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