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Facial Hair - Epilation versus Shaving

Unless you're a man, facial hair has always been a touchy subject. With so many closet shavers out there I thought it would be good to pull back the curtains on what works and what is really best for your skin. Hair removal methods for the face typically include waxing, shaving, epilating and creams.

Waxing can be extremely harsh to sensitive parts of the face and removes too many layers of skin in the process. Epilators present a number of  problems when used on the face as well. The tugging and pulling on loose skin leaves it red and irritated, sometimes for days. While hair removal creams often cause burning and scabbing... something no one wants to have to deal with!

I think the important take-away from this is that hair removal is secondary to skin care when we are talking about the face and neck areas. I liked this video because she goes into great detail about her own experiences with each of these methods, with an emphasis on skin care. The bottom line is that epilating is probably not the best solution for removing facial hair, rather a combined approach of shaving and  depilatories might be the smartest way to go.


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