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5 steps to a better epilation session

This informative article came directly from Braun's website and provides a quick look at five steps that will help your epilating sessions. I decided to post it because the advice given is relevent for epilation sessions in general regardless of which model you may use. For more information on Braun epilators and hair removal tips you can visit their main website by clicking on the link below.

From special tricks for each part of the body to super smooth skin, the art of epilating has evolved. Are you getting your best performance?

5 steps to better epilation


Everyone's skin is more relaxed and desensitised when bathed in warm water. That’s exactly why Braun has designed the Silk-├ępil 7 Wet & Dry range, epilators that work in your shower or bath, making it the gentlest epilation solution ever.


Applying creams or lotions to the skin before epilating can make it difficult for the tweezers to grab the hairs - Silk-├ępil 7 Epilator has been developed with pre-epilation wipes which cool and soften the skin prior to epilation, reducing pain and delivering a great skin feeling.


Rub the skin before you begin to lift the shortest hairs into an ‘upright’ position and give them a better chance of being ‘grabbed’ by the epilator.


Run the epilator in an upward motion, against the direction of hair growth. If needed you can also change the epilation direction to ensure an even smoother finish. When you get to your knee, stretch it out straight.


To soothe your skin and create a really sleek, smooth look and feel, apply a body cream after epilating.



Source Article: http://www.braun.com/us/female-grooming/adviser/how-to-achieve-best-epilation-results.html

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