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Important Hair Removal Facts

Are you confused about how fast hair grows? Did you ever wonder how many hairs the average person might have? In this fact-check report from the beauty experts at Braun you'll find the answers to these questions in this informative guide.

hair removal facts


Hair Removal fact: With epilation, skin stays hair free for weeks. Since the hair is removed at the root, but the root itself remains in place, it will grow back after some weeks. However, when it grows back it is finer and thinner than after shaving.

Hair removal fact: Epilation doesn't increase hair growth, as dermatological tests have confirmed. What can create an impression of increased growth is the fact that a lot of women epilate in summer when higher temperatures influence hair growth. Blood circulates faster, which improves the nutrition of hair roots.

Hair removal fact: Hair doesn't grow back darker. Sometimes women have the impression it does because re-growing hair still has its original colour and is not yet bleached by the sun or by the frequent use of water and soap.

Hair removal fact: Epilation feels less irritating after a while. Since hair is removed at the root, you inevitably experience discomfort. In the beginning, the pulling sensation is stronger simply because there is more hair to remove. But hairs grow back at different speeds, so that there is less hair to be removed after the first few sessions. And your skin begins to adapt to the treatment, so that the pain sensation tends to subside soon.

Hair removal fact: Ingrown hairs can be caused by dead skin cells blocking the exit of the hair shaft making it difficult for hair to “find a clear path” to the surface. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and therefore minimizes the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Hair removal fact: When hair is removed by epilation new hair growth will have a tapered tip making it feel and look finer than older, longer hairs.

Hair removal fact: The underarm is the most difficult place to remove hair from. Why? Because at a joint the skin is incredibly supple, allowing it to move with the epilator, razor or wax.

Hair removal fact: A woman’s legs (read tips for beautiful legs) and armpits combined have some 78,000 hair follicles. The number of follicles you have is determined by your genes – no new follicles are formed once you’re born.

Hair removal fact: On average, women have approximately 16,800 hairs on their legs and 600 under their arms.The speed at which hair grows differs in different areas of the body.

Hair removal fact: Hair itself is not alive. Once the cells that make up a hair are produced, they die and harden, forming the hair shaft. The shaft is then pushed up through the follicle opening, towards the surface of the skin. The average rate of growth is 6mm per month.

Hair removal fact: In general, the skin on a woman’s legs is relatively dry as there are very few oil-producing glands there.

Hair removal fact: Since the majority of men only remove hair from their faces and necks and women remove hair from their legs, underarms and bikini area, women’s total hair removal area is 18 times greater than men’s – 1690cm2 for women vs. 95cm2 for men.

Hair removal fact: The hair on a man’s face is denser than the hair on a woman’s leg or her underarm and bikini areas. In fact, on average, men’s beards have almost the same number of hairs as a woman’s lower legs and underarm area combined.

Hair removal fact: Women’s hair is finer than men’s, but it’s still about as tough as copper wire of the same thickness.

Hair removal fact: On the whole, diet has no effect on hair growth, so what you eat or drink won’t make any difference. Of course, eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to maximize your general health and wellbeing.

Hair removal fact: The seasons have a certain influence on hair regrowth – in particular, some studies have shown there is a slight spurt of hair growth in spring.


Complete article source:http://www.braun.com/us/female-grooming/adviser/hair-removal-facts.html


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