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Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator 

braun silk epilBraun  has become a leader in epilation technology with their Braun Silk Epil series leading the way. Sleek and beautiful in it's design, the Braun 7181 WD model is equally impressive with it's  performance and easy functionality. In fact, Braun has described this model as its best short hair removal device yet, providing smoother skin for several weeks. When you combine this with Braun's trademark quality it becomes easy to see why this Braun Silk Epil model is one of the best epilators in the $50 to $100 price range.

As part of it's advanced engineering, this epilator has built-in "active massage" rollers that help reduce discomfort by stimulating the skin with high frequency micro pulsations. It comes with pre-epilation wipes for your skin to help help facilitate a smoother more comfortable epilation. Epilation can be quite painful in the beginning and the folks at Braun have done their best to allow for a gentler hair removal by adding these features.For many users, epilation tends to be less painful when the skin is wet. This Braun Silk Epil can be used wet or dry and works great in the shower. For me, the water makes for a smoother pass with the device and doesn't seem to hurt as much. However, some users find that epilating on dry skin is better for them. With the wet-or-dry feature you can use it both ways to see what works best for you.

Another great feature is the "smart-light" which makes it so much easier to actually see what you are doing. At first I wasn't sure if I would even use it, but it lights up the surrounding skin so that you can see what hairs you've missed. Once you've used the smart-light you'll see for yourself how helpful this feature is in lessening the amount of time to epilate because you miss less with each pass. The close-grip forty tweezer technology is much more efficient in grasping short hairs close to the surface. The manufacturers claim that the Braun silk Epil can pluck hairs the size of a grain of sand because the design keeps the tweezers always close to the skin. The pivoting head design follows the contour of the area it passes over allowing for the increased epilation of short and fine hairs.

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Product Features For The Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator

Wet or Dry
Close grip technology with 40 tweezers
Micro pulsating massage system
Olay brand preparation skin wipes
Ice glove
Smart-Light technology
Pivoting contour hugging head
Cordless - rechargeable

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braun silk epil boxThe Braun Silk Epil is compact and easy to carry with you when traveling or on the go. Being cordless makes it convenient and easy to use just about anywhere. In the package you'll find the epilator appliance, a charger, 2 caps, a cleaning brush, small travel bag, and a packet of preparation skin wipes.

I found the device to be a little louder then I expected. It wasnt really annoying, but the buzzing sound is noticeable and seemed to be slightly louder then the other models I looked at. You won't be using this epilator in the same room with someone trying to sleep that's for sure. Despite that, the unit was very easy to clean. Cleaning instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Just run it under the faucet and use the little cleaning brush that comes with it.

Here's what one of the owners had to say about the Braun Silk Epil:

" I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an easier way to remove hair. I love being able to do this myself at home. Love the money I'm saving too!"


review paraphrased for size - read original review here

braun 7181 wd silk epil  

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