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Panasonic Epilator - Complete Ladies Set

This Panasonic epilator could very well be the most painless epilator in the world.

panasonic epilator wet or dryThere are lots of features on this device that help the user experience a more comfortable hair removal session. First, its cordless, waterproof design allows you to use this in the shower or with any brand of shaving gel - a big plus for new users or people with sensitive skin. Epilating on dry skin is OK for people who've been using these appliances for years, but using it under warm, running water will reduce the pain significantly.

For my first time using it I followed the instructions and placed a drop of shower gel on the spinner head while using it in the shower. The gel is whipped into a lubricating foam by the spinner and made my session almost painless. The warm running water, combined with the shower gel was an amazing trick that worked great. I've been epilating for years so I know what to expect - and this was by far the easiest and most comfortable epilating session I've ever had.

The wet and dry feature also gives you the option to use it dry or with a foam without having to use running water. The spinners ability to lather any foam or gel used is nice and makes for a smoother, less painful experience. The Panasonic Epilator Complete Ladies Set features a dual disc, pivoting head that glides from side to side with each pass. The gliding motion is soft and gentle while it automatically adjusts to the contour of your body allowing the 48 rotating, tweezing discs to remove hairs quickly and comfortably from the root.

Another cool feature is their patented "Skin Protector System". Innovative and unique to the epilator industry, this new feature dramatically reduces irritation by holding the skin firmly in place until the hair has been pulled out by the root. A brilliant addition by Panasonic's engineers if you think about it. Anytime you can hold the skin stationary while removing hair the process is faster and less painful. A great idea and a great new feature for this Panasonic epilator.


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Panasonic Epilator Complete Ladies Wet or Dry Set - Product Details

Wet or Dry Cordless Rechargeable
48 Rotating Tweezing Discs
Built-In Illuminating LED Light
Travel Case
Pivoting Head with Gliding Dual Discs
6 Different Attachable Heads
One Hour Charging Time
Patented Skin Protector System
Pumice Disc Pedicure Head

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panasonic epilator kitThis Panasonic epilator also comes with a spinning pumice disc for your feet. It can be applied to calluses or corns and feels great while it smooths out those rough spots. I recommend soaking your feet at least half an hour and towel drying them before exfoliating with the pumice disc. It worked best for me this way. The mechanism that holds the various heads in place is strong and sturdy. Other epilators have a tendency to pop off after a year or two of use due to wear and tear on the locking switch at the base of the head.

The downside to the Philips epilator is the price and replacement batteries. This is the most expensive epilator of the five I've reviewed - retail price was just over $150 at the time of this writing. But if the price fits your budget - you'll have one of the most advanced epilators on the market today. Much like the Philips Cordless this device has an extended life battery as well. If the battery stops holding a charge you may have problems finding replacement coin cell batteries for it.


Here's what one owner of the Panasonic Epilator had to say...

"I'm very impressed with this epilator. I'm not big on giving reviews unless I dont like the product but this is an exception. I've been playing with it all day and it came ready to use right out of the box - it was even fully charged! The first time I used it I barely felt any pain. The secret is to shave recently because I've found that the long hairs hurt the worst. I love the attachments and I really love the foot massager."

(A Brewer)

review paraphrased for size - read original review here

 panasonic womens pro kit

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